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Private speech therapy brought to you with a personal,  boutique  touch.  

Simply  dedicated  to providing you and your family the consistent care and  compassion.


Speech and Language Evaluations

  • Parent intake

  • Child observation

  • Formal Standardized tests

  • Oral Motor Examination

  • Feeding Assessment (if needed)

Early Intervention Language Therapy

The five main areas of child development are Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognition, Speech/Language and Social/Emotional.  Some children develop at different rates than others.   Using a language based play approach we work with the child in a warm and friendly setting to strengthen these areas of development. 

Pragmatic/Social Language Skills

Most children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder struggle with Pragmatic and Social language.  For young children, examples of Pragmatic Language are turn taking, imitating sounds, maintaining eye contact and engaging in social simple games (i.e. Peek a Boo). These skills are the foundation for developing relationships during adolescence.


PROMPT is an evidenced based treatment method for children who present with motor speech disorders such as apraxia.  A trained PROMPT therapist uses gentle tactile cues on the face and neck to guide the child to the correct movements for producing speech sounds. 

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Speech and Language  therapy addresses challenges children with ASD have communicating.  PECS and gestures are some examples of aided communication Dara will utilize to improve your child’s verbal, non-verbal and social language. 

Parent Training

This is the most important component to any treatment plan.  You are your child’s role model and the one who is present in their life the most.  It is important to learn how to support their communication at home during their daily activities. 

About Me
Dara Crecco Speech Therapist in Long Island

Dara Crecco

Dara Crecco is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist who has been practicing  in New York state  for 18 years.  She is a certified member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and holds a Masters Degree in Speech/Language Pathology from Adelphi University.  Over the course of her career, she has attended various workshops in sensory feeding disorders as well as obtaining numerous certifications through continuing education.  Dara is a certified  PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) therapist as well as a PROMPT trained therapist.


Her clinical and professional experience has included both adults and children, in medical and educational settings.  She started her career at UCP Nassau where she had the opportunity to work with children of diverse needs .   She took her career from the school setting to the Nassau County Early Intervention program and worked there for 15 years, not only treating but providing evaluations.  She believes in “child-led therapy” and follows a  whole  team approach to treating children,  taking what she learned from other disciplines and incorporating them  into her sessions.  During her years as an Early Intervention therapist she has developed a specialization in language acquisition as well as a passion for working with the Autism community.   She is bilingual Italian and provides evaluations and therapy in both languages.  

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“When my daughter started speech therapy with Dara she was a very frustrated child who just couldn’t find the language to express herself.  After Dara’s hard work and dedication, my daughter is now thriving.  Dara is not only a wonderful and talented therapist, but also a kind and patient person.”



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