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What does a first session look like?

If the child has not had a previous evaluation, and the parents are in agreement, a comprehensive evaluation will be completed at the first session. You will receive a detailed report within a week along with goals and a treatment plan in 3 month intervals. If no evaluation is requested, then the first session works on establishing a rapport with the child. Parents are always encouraged to sit in the therapy session to learn tips to carryover at home.

Speech therapy games for children

What is in a Speech and Language evaluation?

  • Social Intake

  • Pregnancy and Medical History

  • Standardized tests with formalized scores to assess both Receptive (what a child understands) and Expressive (what a child says) Language Skills.

  • Oral Motor Examination

  • Audiological History

  • Clinical Observation

  • Summary

How long are the sessions?

If an evaluation is requested, the session can run anywhere from an hour to an hour and half.

After that, therapy sessions are 45 minutes.

Where are the sessions held?

Depending on a client’s location and clinician schedule, sessions are either conducted at Dara’s office in Manhasset or in the child’s home.

What do I need to prepare?

Upon agreement of treatment, the parent will be sent a client intake form to be filled out prior to the first session. This form gives Dara a general background of your child. Toys will be provided; however if a parent prefers to use their own, it is encouraged to help carryover at home.


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