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Why would my child benefit from speech therapy?

Mom and daughter using whispers to encourage language

What is the benefit of treating language difficulties early important?

It has been proven that Early Intervention is critical in a child’s development. The connections in a child’s brain are the most adaptable in the first five years of life. They form the foundation of learning and behavior. Intervention is more likely to be the most effective earlier than later in a child’s life.

Speech therapy improves a child’s conversational and social skills to help them in their interaction with others. It improves their self-esteem, decreases tantrums and helps your child become more independent; giving them the tools they need to be ready for school.

What is a parent's role in speech therapy?

Dara believes that parent involvement is essential for the progress of a child’s language development. She will also work with the families and provide strategies and tips during daily activities to help promote language within the home environment.


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